Sports Style Guide

Reuters sports service needs to be fast, informative, reliable, accurate and entertaining. Sport is big business and growing all the time. It moves markets but it is also entertainment and our coverage should reflect that. We need speed and breadth. Subscribers want news not only of competitions themselves but of the run-up to the competitions and their aftermath. They want to know about the personalities involved in and out of competition, the managers, agents and entrepreneurs who run the sports and the federations who make the rules. In sport there is an insatiable appetite for statistics and historical data as well as a delight in the colourful character or the noble loser.

For Reuters to keep its reputation for accuracy, reliability and quality, correspondents and sub-editors need to be consistent and clear in the way they report and handle news and statistics. This guide, set out alphabetically, is intended to help. It is designed to be used alongside the general Reuters style guide. Some items that occur very frequently in sports copy appear in both sections.

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